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We are providing a platform where a Banker, a DSA or any financial service provider can create a profile with an option of disclosing company’s name and their happy and satisfied (Or otherwise) customers can give testimonials on what kind of service was given and how it made their life easy and that they were helped with the right product and right turn around and the right details were given.Bankers have a rare appreciation email and then it stays there when you leave your job !

And if you are a freelancer, chances are even rarer that you will ever get one! So tomorrow you have that bankuponus.com/members/yourprofile written on your visiting card which will boost the missing trust and help you take the relationship and sale to the next level.

One can also upload any award received if any and certification to sell the product.

In a glimpse:

Create a profile as service provider/customer.

Read/ create/ participate on topics/ forums.

Read on products/ compare- marketplace.

Create. Manage. Improve your professional identity.

Tell the world that they can BankUponUs !!

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