Benefits of Aadhaar Card

Adhar Card

What is Aadhar Card ?

Aadhar Card is a 12 digit unique number card which is issued to all Indian citizens. This card contains this unique identification code number and stores personal details of Indian citizens. This all information is stored in the database of government. Aadhar Card is known to be the world’s largest biometric ID system. This holds data of approx 133 crores of people living in India. The government introduced this Aadhaar network on 28th January 2009 to make sure that all the Indian citizens have the benefits of government facilities. It’s major use is to link all the government benefit schemes and facilities directly to the individual without any middlemen. This will make transparency in all the government services. Even if you don’t carry your Aadhaar card, it can be used with the unique code that is provided to you. So, this makes it the one and only government document which can be used anywhere without having it with yourself.

Why you should have Adhar Card ?

Aadhaar Card does not have a single use instead it can be used for many purposes like address proof, identity proof and other proofs etc. Unlike Voter Id. card which has single use of participating in Elections. In this way an Aadhaar card is very useful product that can be used for all government related schemes or facilities. That’s why you must have your Aadhaar Card now. Some benefits of Aadhaar Card are mentioned below.

Benefits of Aadhar Card:


Opening Bank Account

While opening a new bank account, you can use Adhar Card as verification or identification document. It is considered valid by all the banks.


Jan Dhan Yojna

If you go to open your bank account under Jan Dhan Yojna, you must be having Adhar Card as it is the only verification tool to be used at that time.



The Adhar number of Pensioners is linked with the department they are working in. So, that they get all the pension benefits timely.



Getting a passport was a very time taking process, but now with the help of Adhar card you can easily get the passport in 10 days. Now you just have to apply online for passport and attach your Aadhar card as the document for verification. And the whole process will take approx 10 days to be completed.


Provident Fund

If you have linked your Adhar card to your pension account. You can get PF directly in your account through the organisation you are/were working.


LPG Subsidy

Your Adhar card will get linked by the LPG distributor of your area after which you can avail the benefits of LPG subsidy directly in your bank account.


Digital Locker

Adhar number can be used as digital locker to store all the personal documents on government’s server.


Buying New Vehicle

Recently Government of Andhra Pradesh made it clear that Aadhar card is a must while purchasing new vehicle here.


Admission in School/Colleges

It is now mandatory to submit your Adhar Card to enroll in School or Colleges. So, get it if you have not.


Download online

You can download your E-Aadhar card anytime whenever you need through the official site of UIDAI.

Other than these, there are many more benefits of Adhar Card and government is continuously making attempts to make Adhar Card more useful.



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