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About RBL Bank

Ratnakar Bank Limited was established in 1943 and has been providing banking services to its eminent customers since then. There are in total 201 branches of the bank and 373 ATMs all over India. RBL is one of the best commercial banks in India and offers almost all banking services – opening accounts (savings, current, NRI account and Demat account), credit/ debit cards, investment schemes, insurance plans and various loans.
RBL has been awarded and recognized as one of the fastest growing bank in the Small-Sized Bank Segment. Because of the hard working directors and executives, the bank has achieved the current reputation.

To Apply for RBL Bank Personal loan online click on the link below or call us at : 9811893833

Apply for RBL Bank personal loan online




RBL Personal Loan

Personal loan can be taken for any of your personal reasons like planning a huge wedding, home renovations, dream vacation, higher education etc. RBL bank offers loan to salaried individuals without any mortgage, collateral or security. The personal loans are offered at very low interest rates ranging from 14.5% to 23% and minimal service charges. RBL is one of the best banks for personal loan because of huge loan amount and easy repayments.
If you are applying for a personal loan from RBL, you can apply online by just providing some basic details, view the quotes and apply online easily.

The chances of getting your application approved is increased if you have a good credit score and fulfill the minimum requirements that are stated by the bank.


Why choose RBL Bank for Personal Loan?

There are many features that make the RBL personal loan the best option for salaried individuals:


  • High loan amount: The loan amount that RBL provides varies from Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 20 Lakhs. The loan amount that a person can take depends on various factors such as his salary, repayment capability etc.


  • Flexible tenure: People taking loan from RBL bank can choose a tenure of repayment ranging from one year to five year. This allows a customer to repay the loan as per his capability without much burden.


  • Clubbing of income: If a person finds that his income alone doesn’t mean the criteria for the loan, he can add the monthly income of his spouse in order to meet the minimum requirements. For this he will have to submit the financial documents of both himself and the spouse as well.


  • Attractive interest rates and other charges: The interest rates which are charged on the principal amount is low and can be easily repaid. Also the prepayment charge also ranges between 3% to 5% of the principal amount, which is quite low as compared to the other banks.
    The other benefit of taking personal loan from RBL bank is that interest rate is calculated on monthly reducing basis.


  • No Processing Fees: There is no processing fees for Loan Sanction, only on disbursement.


  • No Foreclosure/Pre-payment Charges: There is no foreclosure or Pre payment Charges after 12 EMI/1 year of loan. Foreclosure is allowed after 6 months but with 4-5% foreclosure charges on outstanding amount.


  • Loan sanction is quick: Processing the loan and its disbursal is very quick in RBL bank, which means that the customers receives the loan as soon as possible, without much headache. The loan is sanctioned within 48 hours after AIP is approved (Approval in Principle).


  • Quick documentation: The documents required for the application of the loan can be arranged simply. As you need only 1 salary slip, 3 months bank statement, PAN card, current address proof and a photograph. The submission is also quick, thus increasing the speed of loan processing.


  • No security or guarantor required: If you apply for a personal loan in RBL bank, you do not need to provide any security. Also they do not ask you to have a guarantor. So, you get a loan easily without much hassle.


  • No Physical Verification: No Physical verification required for CAT a company.


Apply for RBL Bank personal loan online




What is the eligibility criteria for RBL Personal Loan?

RBL loan is only available to salaried individuals who are Indian residents.

  • For approval of a personal loan in RBL, you must have a total working experience of at least three years. You must be working in the current organisation for at least last one year.
  • The minimum age that is required for RBL personal loan is 25 years and the maximum age limit is 60 years.
  • The applicant must be earning at least Rs. 25,000 per month.


What are the documents required to be submitted for RBL personal loan?

These are the documents that you need to keep ready before applying for RBL personal loan:

  • Residence proof like Driving license, Passport, Voter ID card, electricity or mobile bill on the name of the applicant, bank statements etc.
  • PAN Card
  • Last two months Pay slips and Form 16 issued by your employer.
  • Last six months salary slips (bank statements in which your salary gets credited)
  • 1 Recent Passport size photograph


What are the factors that affect the EMIs of your RBL personal loan?
Some factors affect the loan amount you are eligible for and also the EMI’s amount that you may have to pay. Some of such factors are:

  • Monthly Income: The monthly income of an individual decides the repayment capability of an individual. Therefore, it plays an important role in deciding the loan amount and EMIs for you.


  • Loan amount: The principal amount that you borrow from the bank is also considered while calculating the amount of regular EMIs that you pay.


  • Relationship with the bank: If a customer has maintained a good relationship with the bank, there are good chances that he will pay less interest rate on the principal amount, thus reduced EMIs.


  • Tenure of the loan: The time for which you take the loan also matters when your EMIs are calculated. The longer the tenure, lesser the interest rate.


RBL Personal loan is a perfect choice for fulfilling your personal dreams without worrying about security, document issues, high interest rates etc.






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