Short term investment plan vs. long term investment plan



Short Term Investment Plans

Short Term Goals are the investment plans for upto next five years. The benefit of short term investment is that you don’t have to lock up your money for long. Short term investment goals are from 3 to 5 years. The risk is also less as compared to long term investment. These are some short term investment plans for 2017:


Saving in your bank account

Saving Bank Account is the safest mode of short term investment. This can give you from 4% to 7% interest on your saving. You can get it opened with any bank or financial institution. And save the money in the account upto whenever you want. If you don’t want to take risks, then consider opening saving account.







Fixed Deposits

Fixed Deposits is the another choice for meticulous people. We all are interested in FD when we talk about secure investments. You can deposit your money from a month to 10 years in FD. There are good benefits with FD but one may withdraw the deposited money before maturity period.


Gold Investment

This is a plan that will surely give you good return, be it an investment for short term or long term. As we know the price of gold will always be increasing with time and will never fade.

short term investment plans







You can offer loan to an entity which is termed as Bond. This also gives the investor good rate of interest per annum at the time of maturity. Bond can be a good short term investment plan.


Liquid Funds

This is a short term investment plan which has low risk and low return investment. This plan offers a fixed current income to the investor. The maturity period of this fund is 90 days. While investing in Liquid Funds, the investor has to choose from certificates of commercial banks, government treasury or corporate debentures.


Fixed Maturity Plans

Fixed Maturity Plans is a closed ended debt scheme. FMP is very much similar to Bank Fixed Deposit. It has a locking period of 3 years.



Long Term Investment Plans

Long Term Goals are the investment plans for above 10 years. Under Long Term Investment plans, the money gets locked for long period but you also get high return with that.


Public Provident Fund

Public Provident Fund is a popular investment plan to save money for long term goals. PPF is totally tax free for the users. Your money gets locked for minimum 15 years under this plan and you can extend it later by 5 years more. You also get tax benefits under Sec 80C of the Income Tax Act.

Invest in Stocks

Stocks give good returns to the investor over a long period. This is a risky investment option but if you know how to analyse stock before buying then there are good chances for you to earn profit. For this you should be having a little knowledge of share market. You can invest in Shares through primary market of secondary market. Well, there are good returns but it is not guaranteed to earn with this long term investment.

Long term investment plan






Invest in Mutual Funds

The people who wish to invest in equities and bonds with maintaining balance of risk and return mostly prefer investing in Mutual funds. There is continuously increase in this type of investment. Most of the investors are trying this investment plan due to which it has become popular now a days. In this, you can redeem the shares whenever you want.


Invest in Real Estate

Real Estate is known to be an evergreen investment option in India. This is mostly followed by those investors who have earned good amount with their earlier investments. In this plan, one invests in residential, commercial, hospitality or manufacturing. If invested in Real Estate after proper research, then it is said to give the growth from 30% to 100% annually.








Gold Investment

Investing in gold or silver is a good plan for both short term and long term. If we calculate now in 2017, the prices of gold have gone upto 300% in last 10 years. And it is surely going to increase in the future too. So, investing in gold is also one of the best options for long term which will bring good benefits in future.


Life Insurance Policy

Life Insurance is one of the most popular long term investment plan which has other benefits too. Your life is covered with a Life Insurance Policy plus you get tax exemption. Also one can avail loan on a Life Insurance Policy. The investor is also safe with his/her investment under this investment plan.

Long term investment











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