Rupay Card – All you need to know

Rupay Card


What is RuPay card?


Rupay money card is a type of debit or credit card by which people get their work done related to money through the card transaction. It was launched by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) in India. Rupay is derived from the combo of rupee and payment. It is an Indian version of debit or credit card transactions. Rupay was launched to make the payment system of India within the country.


Advantages of RuPay Card


  • This card is accepted for all the online payments all over india. And it has international acceptance also.
  • The transactions are cost effective as they are processed in India.
  • The transactions done by this card are much faster than others as they are processed in India.
  • It is safe to use as your data is not being shared internationally unlike other cards.
  • Over 1,00,000 ATMs accept this indian card, for a successful transactions.
  • The point of sale terminals turns on higher level, after using this card.
  • The person using this card can get sms alerts also, after the transaction confirmed.


How to use


This Rupay card is an Indian domestic card. It is normally used just like the debit and credit card transactions are done. You can use this card for online transactions and in ATMs also. It can be used at all the places where other debit cards like VISA and Mastercard are used.

Demonetisation effects on RuPay


After the demonetisation has occurred, the card payments and online transactions turns a bit high. And the card payments are much easier to do, instead of cash payments. It is faster, cheaper and it has a successful acceptance also. Demonetisation increased the use of cashless transactions and it was the best time that Rupay cards got importance too. The people who did not have bank account, they had to get new account opened at the time of demonetisation. This led to the increase in the use of Rupay card.


How to Apply


Most of public sector banks and private sector banks are issuing the Rupay card to their customers in all over India.










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