In the current era of hiring a taxi for daily errands like going off to work, rushing to the airport, going on holidays or even just a party, many people want to buy their own cars just for the sake of showing off. Though everyone knows the trend in which Uber and Ola have risen above “own cars” the need for a personal vehicle cannot be eliminated.

The main reason people prefer hiring a cab is because they might feel lazy manoeuvring through the dense traffic but on the other hand there’s a certain population that wants their independence and personal space.

Students, freshers, fresh professors etc would find it difficult to purchase their own car as with zero capital. The distance to be travelled is also of high relevance. If you travel around 25-30 kms on daily basis, buying a car would be costly for you with the investment and maintenance. But at the same time, there are people who would prefer driving the short distance with their own cars.

Living in posh cities like Delhi-NCR/Mumbai/Bangalore/Chandigarh etc would welcome you to daily hosh-posh traffic. When you’re driving yourself, the blaring horns and slow traffic would really set up your nerves and irritate you. Is it not better to be chauffeured around relaxed?

For women, no matter how many women safety helplines they make or the safety apps or even pepper spray, there would always be a mild sense of negative vibes going through her brain. She would never feel 100% safe unless she is in her own car.

Many a times, you would have to open the app, fill in the pick-up/drop place then wait for the ‘availability of cabs’ to show up. That itself would take around 10-15 minutes. Many a times, the driver of the taxi, prior to picking you up, would cancel the ride. Then again the whole cycle of hiring a cab would begin. This is not at all preferable if you’re in an emergency. Being in an emergency means to rush away at that point, but would it be worth it to wait for approx 20 mins and then go rather than travel by yourself to that place?

Now, there’s a small selfish reason to hire a cab. God-forbid any accidents on the way, but if you do come across any accident and you’re in a cab, then there is no liability to the passenger. But travelling in your own car would mean to pay up the expenses incurred and the insurance and all other legal documents.

Now a days, Ola and their rival Uber have a variety of taxis. Each variety have different allocation of cost and charges. This way, a person is able to compare 360 degrees on whether they want to hire a cab, if yes, then which one should they hire. If no, then it would mean that the person is satisfied in travelling to the place in his own vehicle.
Finally, being an environmentally friendly person, we can see how the pollution is taking down earth years. There is less way of sustainable development with the rise of pollution. If we look back to the odd-even system that happened last year, pollution had decreased to quite some amount. This way, the Taxis were the ones that aided us to travel. This shows that using taxis or sharing cabs would reduce pollution at some point because if everyone starts buying and using their own cars, traffic and pollution would rise.


But if we talk in the terms of expenses, owning a car makes more sense than hiring a cab. We are assuming this in the situation of long run. That can be calculated through the given figures:



The answer to this question is very simple – owning a car. The reason can be seen in the below figures:




So, now you know that Owning a car is better option than hiring a cab in the long run.

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